(WWI-England) Map of a German night...

Mapmaker: Low, Sampson

(WWI-England) Map of a German night...


  • ~Catalog 65~
  • (WWI - England) Map of a German night aeroplane raid on LONDON.
    31st Oct./1st. Nov., 1917.

    "4 machines". "3 machines" "5 machines." These "machines" were airplanes first used to bomb the English countryside on into London. This map is an early instances that was trying to make sense of this new facet of warfare, the night time bombing runs carried out by the Germans. It was another terrible first to be used during the Great War, World War I, and would signal a new era... where the front could come to you, a civilian asleep at home. This map traces the routes, notes the towns and rail lines and where bombs specifically fell.

    Condition is good with some points of foxing. Size is approximately 14.25 x 22 (inches)