(WWII - Africa) African Battlegrounds

Mapmaker: Chapin, R. M.

(WWII - Africa) African Battlegrounds


  • ~Catalog 65~
  • (WWII - Africa) African Battlegrounds

    A map that on first glance may make your heart sink, because you immediately notice that from Dakar on the west coast, to Port Sudan on the Red Sea, and all across the north are Nazi flags and the presence of the Vichy Africa and Axis Africa. At this early stage of the African theatre, the Axis has most of Africa sewn up. Below the Axis band is an American presence from Freetown to Lagos and Duala, reaching to Eritrea. A point of conflict exists in Cairo with Brit, American and Nazi flags present.

    Condition is good with some tears, but without loss. Size is approximately 30.5 x 45.5 (inches)