(WWII - China) Choking Chungking

Mapmaker: Chapin, R. M.

(WWII - China) Choking Chungking

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  • (WWII- China) Choking Chungking

    Since 1939, prior to the war, the Japanese had marauded across this part of China, bombing civilians and causing mass casualties which became notorious around the world. These early events led to the US denying trade with the Japanese and was yet another point of friction with the growing Japanese empire. This map from late in the war shows the invading Japanese forces, bombed US airbases and the fallback position of the US at the time, north of Chungking. A large and uncommon map for the Chinese theatre of war.

    Condition is good with several tears, and one fold separation, but without loss and very repairable. Size is approximately 42.5 x 31.5 (inches)