(WWII-China) No. 34, Southeast China & No. 35

Mapmaker: US Govt.

(WWII-China) No. 34, Southeast China & No. 35

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  • ~Catalog 65~
  • (WWII-China) No. 34, Southeast China/ No. 35, Northeast China

    It was intended to be a fomat that would be easy to fold, waterproof and easy to hide, what has become known as "flyers silks". Indeed the first issued were printed on silk, but later editions would be on nylon and other fabric blends. This map large map from the end of the war shows Southeast China and Taiwan on one side and Northeast China on the other. Details the terrain, drainages, and cultural features from roads and railroads to towns.

    Condition is good with some discoloration to the old folds. Is framed in two sided oak frame with plexiglass. Overall size is approximately 27 x 33 (inches)