(WWII-European) Frontpost

Mapmaker: US Government

(WWII-European) Frontpost

c. 1945

  • ~Spring 2019~
  • "Deutsche Soldaten von der 65..." - "Frontpost Ausgabe Süd"

    How to demoralize a soldier. Here a pair of drop leaflets used toward the end of WWII targeted specifically against the German soldiers of the 65th division.

    One smaller leaflet makes the argument of "Why Die for Hitler? Why not live for Germany?" While the larger shows a map of the rapidly diminishing German empire, with a month by month account in German of the losses experienced. This set of leaflets were part of the American Psy.ops. that would be scattered across a front in the opposing sides native tongue, done with a simplicity and twist that would intend to de-stabilize the soldiers and weaken resolve. It was an approach used by all sides during the war, this instance from the US propagandists.

    Condition is rough, but considering its use and experience, is worn but a relic of its purpose. Image sizes are approximately 7.75 x 9.25 & 7.75 x 4.75 (inches),