(WWII - Germany) Picture Map of Germany

Mapmaker: Riemer

(WWII - Germany) Picture Map of Germany


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  • Picture Map of Germany Before the War

    This map was initially issued by Germany as a promotion for tourism to a nation that was crawling economically out of the destruction of WWI and the depression. The map was issued in several languages and showed the culture and historical interest of the growing nation. It also had throughout the Nazi flag shown flying (which gave it a chilling quality).

    This newspaper map issued before V-E day shows the map again, as almost a poke in the eye to the failing Nazi regime. With a note that adds that "many of the German cities which are depicted upon the map are in ruins as the result of allied bombings." Basically showing that their sources of pride had been trashed. And on this map all the Nazi flags have been colored over and removed.

    Condition is good, with one small repaired tear. Image size is approximately 16 x 21 (inches)