(WWII-Japan-Tokyo) Tokyo and Vicinity Showing Bombed out..

Mapmaker: U.S. Army

(WWII-Japan-Tokyo) Tokyo and Vicinity Showing Bombed out..


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  • (WWII- Japan-Tokyo) Tokyo And Vicinity Showing bombed-out areas

    The title can't convey the almost immediate shock of what the map shows. For us, we couldn't immediately imagine what the yellow color was showing, but indeed in checking the key, it is for "Bombed-out area". It is a massive amorphous stain that covers most of the city, omitting Imperial grounds and the outlying neighborhoods. Throughout the map are green veins that divide the city, these were the locations where "Building removed for fire-break". While mostly in Japanese, there is a wealth of English transliterated names, and a key to identify numerous features on the map. Our first encounter with this large and stunning piece of just post-war history.

    Condition good some minor staining. Size is approximately 29.5 x 41.5 (inches)