(WWII - Mediterraean) The Mediterrean

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(WWII - Mediterraean) The Mediterrean

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  • Summer Things 2020 Part IIII
  • (WWII - Mediterranean) THE MEDITERRANEAN

    The Mediterraean is the backdrop, but this map affirms that there is a deeper history related to the U.S., back to the early 19th century. Issued towards the end of WWII and during the liberation of Europe, this map restates the "Mediterranean Holds Many Interests For Americans", and in a brief list notes the previous experiences with the anticipation of heavy American involvement in the coming months. Illustrates numerous potential routes for attack, but still includes somber notation such as the place where the French Navy was scuttled just off of Toulon.

    Condition is very good overall, with one or two small points of corner fold pinholes loss, and one marginal fold tear. Average Image size is approximately 38.5 x 57.5 (inches)