(WWII - Pacific) Pacific Battle Map...

Mapmaker: Chase, Ernest Dudley

(WWII - Pacific) Pacific Battle Map...

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  • PACIFIC BATTLE MAP..., Ernest Dudley Chase, 1942

    A rare map focused on the Pacific Theatre which shows the many major island chains, and then is keyed with a symbol, to show whose possession they were at the time. Spans the entire Pacific rim, and includes most of the neighboring continents. Includes some relative distances to illustrate the great scale of the region (from Panama to Singapore is 12,097 miles). Includes a great "V" themed title cartouche with the adage "Certain Victory Will be Ours". This instance of the map is SIGNED in pen by Chase himself.

    Condition is good with some light soiling and smudging. Image size is approximately 18 x 24.5 (inches)