(WWII Philippines) C-41 / C-42

Mapmaker: US Govt.

(WWII Philippines) C-41 / C-42


  • Silk-Flyers "Escape" Map
  • (WWII - Philippines ) No. C-41, Mindoro Island , C-42, Samar Island - AAF CLOTH CHART - PHILIPPINE SERIES

    This is what we put in the hands of flyers in WW II. As you had your mission in the Pacific theatre, this map was supplied to you in the terrible case that you went down and needed to make it to land. Showing the mass of islands that make up these portions of the Philippine islands, this map would be a life line to help you orient and make it to safety. Printed on a type of nylon, it would be waterproof, wouldn't have folds, and would be easy to conceal. Printed on both sides, this map shows an area from southern Luzon down to the northern portion of Mindanao, on the reverse is coverage from southern Luzon down through Palawan, a large inset shows the southern tip of the island. . Prominently states at the top "Not for sale or distribution FOr use by War and Navy Department Agencies only".

    Condition is very good. Image size is approximately 23.5 x 17.5 (inches)