(WWII - Ukraine)  ("Fat as rats...")

Mapmaker: Anonymous

(WWII - Ukraine) ("Fat as rats...")

c. 1942

  • ~Holiday~2016
  • ("Fat as Rats and They'll steal your property...")

    A relic of a propaganda map designed to elicit fear. Created by the Nazi's to sway the Ukrainians to fear the "Jewish Bolshevik" terror, this drop leaflet was an attempt to get a visceral reaction by the average person who had lived with a backdrop of international revolution and turmoil, and how it could be coming to their home next. The front is a slogan and a sketch of a figure about to grab the map, and back is the rambling screed in German and Ukrainian.

    Condition is good with the anticipated soiling. Overall image size is approximately 6 x 8 (inches)