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(WY. - Geological - Oil) Geological Map of Wyoming, U.S.G.S.

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  • (WY. - Geological - Oil) Geological Map of Wyoming, U.S.G.S., 1925  
    This excepetional base map for the geology of the state has additions made, meticulous hand-inked and stamped notations. These manuscript additions documented the booming oil
    and gas industry as it began to spread from one border of the state to the other during the early 20th century. Dozens of oil fields are named, from Laramie (Rock Creek - James
    Lake, Strom, Big Hollow, etc.), all the way up to Garland and the Elk Basin (Danker, Sage Cr., Pole Cat, etc.), This is a rare large view of all the activity of the state was once owned
    and used by C.D. Johnson, an oil man that worked through Wyoming and Montana in the 1920's.
    Condition is good for this canvas backed large folding map that has seen years of mild staining and some minor chipping and loss along the folds. Image size is approximately 38 x 56 (inches).