(WY.) Physiographic Map of Wyoming

Mapmaker: Knight, S.H.

(WY.) Physiographic Map of Wyoming


  • Summer Things 2020 Part III
  • (WY.) Physiographic Map of Wyoming

    A map that perhaps only S. H. Knight, "Mr Geology of Wyoming" could make.

    This landform style of cartography had become popular in the hands of Irwin Raisz and his peers at the time, but only Knight took this approach address the region of his home state of Wyoming. While he had began studying geology at Univ. of Wyoming in 1913, his studies were interrupted by a stint in military intelligence during WWI, but upon his return he began as an associate professor. Since a young age he could visualize and sketch items in three dimensions with precision, and this map pulls together several of his strengths to give you an elegant view of Wyoming's terrain.

    Condition is very good. Image size is approximately 28.5 x 38 (inches)